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Welcome! I am a freelance photographer in Los Angeles, CA and have been specializing in live music, recording studio, and artist portrait photography for about 9 years. I currently contribute to a variety of venues and publications as well as shooting for musicians, recording studios, and recording gear companies around Los Angeles. I served as the house photographer for the Greek Theatre from 2017-2021 and was also a long time contributor to Spaceland. LA and Buzzbands.LA.

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You can email me at MDEISS@GMAIL.COM to ask about my rates. Hope to hear from you!

“It wasn’t until adulthood that I realized the discernible relationship between my youth spent sneaking cameras into gigs and making a career out of photographing the musicians I marvel at. We can all envision iconic images from music history – timeless portraits of the people we revere and photographs that gift us a glimpse into an artist’s creative process we can only dream of. The intimacy offered in a photograph is as precious as being in the throes of music’s daunting body of work – all those records that are our favorite records in those moments when we are in them. For someone who can barely strum 3 chords, the achievement of being involved in music by passionately capturing it (sans the sound that defines it) is what propels me. The opportunity to photograph underground and overground artists that have imprinted on my musical repertoire and the collection of many other enthusiasts is an unparalleled reward. I aspire to capture the moments of musicians and recording artists live, in studio, and in life – for others like me to be inspired by the photographs of the idols, radicals, iconoclasts, and innovators we admire and imitate.
-Michelle Shiers